The Open Alpha is out

The team has announced the completion of the Private Alpha Testing phase, which involved thorough testing and bug hunting. This marks a significant milestone as the Open Alpha version is now readily available for everyone to sign up and play the game.

Let’s quickly review what was completed and updated for the open alpha launch. 

Completed milestones

So far, the team has:

  • Completed testing of the Closed Alpha version successfully. Numerous gamers submitted applications to try the game and report any issues.
  • Enhanced game mechanics to optimize task completion in the Collectible Card mode.
  • Created the idea for the in-game application of mascots (Dealan’s Dream Team) that will show up in the Tycoon mode to assign tasks to players, give bonuses, and help them progress through the game. 

Now, let’s move on to the upgrades in the Open Alpha.

Home page and the sign-up process

The website has been updated. There, you can find basic project information, news, a description of the game’s mechanics, and links to the future marketplace.

The actual game may all be found there. Users can now set up a personal account by connecting their MetaMask wallet or using their email address. You can quickly and easily access the game if you are already registered. 

With the Open Alpha launched, anyone can join and start playing without initial investments — this is a free-to-play game.

Note that land/office lease and monetization options are not in this version. However, players do have access to the main gameplay. 

Assign duties to your team members, furnish your first office space (Tycoon Mode), and complete projects in the Collectible Card mode.

What’s coming up

Bluelight team’s plans for the second half of 2023 are: 

  • Introducing a Beta version of the game with an improved Tycoon mode where players can purchase and rent offices.
  • Creating a bridge between the BNB Chain and Ethereum so users could store their KALE funds on both blockchains.
  • Open the official marketplace where in-game objects and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be purchased. 
  • Launch the first NFT collection online.
  • Enable KALE’s monetization.

Join the game and stay tuned to new announcements on TelegramDiscord, and Medium.

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