Shiba Inu burn account on Twitter unexpectedly suspended

Shibburn, the burn tracker Twitter account linked to Shiba Inu (SHIB), was abruptly suspended on June 24. The suspension came after the account owners owing to a notification from Twitter’s Developer Portal warning them that they had broken the platform’s guidelines.

Shibburn’s owners left in shock amid suspension 

Shibburn’s owners were surprised by the suspension and have yet to receive an email with more information regarding the violation mentioned in the Developer Portal message. Moreover, they faced difficulty submitting a support ticket as no form was accessible.

In response to the suspension, Shibburn contacted well-known individuals, including Linda Yaccarino, who recently took over as CEO of Twitter, and Elon Musk. 

The account owners tagged them in an appeal for assistance and a solution to draw attention to their predicament. But so far, neither Musk nor Yaccarino has responded.

Account suspension raises concern in the crypto community

In light of Shibburn’s abrupt suspension, the crypto community is left wondering whether Twitter’s moderation practices are transparent and consistent.

The community has also engaged in further speculation and discussion due to Twitter’s failure to provide any official explanation or assistance. Members are now questioning the consistency and fairness of the platform’s moderation procedures and requesting more information about the events that led to Shibburn’s suspension.

As the crypto community awaits further updates and possible resolution, the suspension of Shibburn serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by cryptocurrency-related accounts on social media platforms.

Earlier this week, the popular meme coin-linked Twitter bot “Explain this Bob” account was suspended after Elon dubbed it a “scam.” The Twitter CEO believes the bot, developed by Prabhu Biswal, was used as a PR tool to market and boost the price of memecoin BOB. After the suspension, crypto Twitter erupted with the hashtag “FREEBOB,” with many strongly suggesting the social media platform’s action was uncalled for.

A Twitter user, dubbed Cryptoboss2000, posed a query to the Twitter head, asking what he deemed as a crypto scam.

Some enthusiasts tried to resonate with the bot’s suspension, saying its ties with the BOB meme coin page gave Musk reasons to be suspicious.

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