Shiba Inu achieves new single-day burn record

Shiba Inu burn rate increased dramatically as the community burnt more than 3.03 billion SHIB in a single day. After completing a transaction that broke all previous records, Blaze Token has established itself as the premier SHIB Burner.

The Shiba Inu community permanently withdrew 3,034,309,519 SHIB from circulation on May 15. This ground-breaking accomplishment was achieved via the completion of two separate deals.

A recently developed cryptocurrency Blaze is credited with breaking a record by sending 3,016,073,367 SHIB to the dead wallet in a single transaction around 14 hours before press time. 

According to Crypto Basic, this was the transaction with the most cryptocurrency burned in 2013.

Since its introduction on May 2, Blaze Token has carried out three massive transactions, destroying 6,716,000,000 (6.71 B) SHIB, equivalent to $59,099.

In addition, a wallet that had been inactive for over a year has unexpectedly sprung to life and wiped away all of its SHIB holdings, totaling 18,236,152 in a single transaction.

Over the previous day, just 11,428,571 (11.42M) SHIB were burnt via a single transaction. Nonetheless, the entire Shiba Inu burn rate has skyrocketed by 26,450.21% due to the vast burn activity.

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