Polygon Labs planning Polygon 2.0 launch

Polygon Labs has announced the impending launch of Polygon 2.0, a network upgrade it describes as a blueprint for building the “value layer of the internet.”

According to the group, Polygon 2.0 will bring infinite scalability and unified liquidity to the Ethereum ecosystem, allowing anyone to seamlessly create, exchange, and program value.

Polygon launching Polygon 2.0 

Polygon, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, has shed light on its upcoming Polygon 2.0 launch. The team says the Polygon 2.0 upgrade aims to radically revamp all aspects of the network, including its tokenomics.

Per a blog post by the team, Polygon 2.0  is simply a network of ZK-based layer-2 blockchains connected through an innovative cross-chain coordination protocol. 

The team claims Polygon 2.0, will bring infinite scalability and unified liquidity to the Ethereum ecosystem, as the network can support an unlimited number of chains and cross-chain interactions without compromising security.

“Polygon 2.0 will be the Valur layer that looks like the rest of the Internet. It will expand Ethereum to become what it was always intended to be.”

Polygon Labs 

Gradual rollout 

Notably, the team has made it clear that Polygon 2.0 development is the culmination of over a year of strategic collaboration between Polygon Labs, developers, researchers, and other players in the web3 space.

The Polygon team plans to release details regarding its entire components, including the Polygon POS, architecture and stack, tokenomics, and governance. via a series of blog posts, community meets, AMAs, engineers, and more. 

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