PEPE unique wallets surpass 112k mark

The number of unique wallets holding the cryptocurrency PEPE has experienced a significant surge, with the holder count reaching an all-time high of 112,794 on May 15.

These figures showcase the growing popularity and investor interest in the digital asset.

A Twitter user @0xygenworld.eth has been closely monitoring the PEPE holder count and shared the data via a recent tweet. The numbers provided demonstrate a remarkable upward trend over several weeks, illustrating the expanding community of PEPE token holders.

Starting from April 17, when the holder count stood at 9,573, the numbers experienced consistent growth daily. By April 18, the count had risen to 17,004, which climbed steeply over the following days. On April 30, the holder count surpassed the 60,000 mark, signifying a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency.

The user mentions that the data represents unique wallets holding PEPE, indicating that the holder count may fluctuate and decrease as some investors sell or transfer their holdings. Furthermore, the author points out that the listing of PEPE on Binance, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, occurred on May 11, possibly contributing to an influx of exchange wallets and skewing the holder count figures for that day.

The extraordinary growth in PEPE’s holder count highlights the increasing adoption and recognition of meme coins within the crypto community. As more investors recognize the potential of PEPE and its underlying technology, the token attracts new holders, driving its market presence and liquidity.

As PEPE’s holder count reaches new heights, investors and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next developments and milestones for the project.

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