Justin Sun speaks on trueUSD growth, looks to acquire a BRICS tender

Justin Sun, the CEO and founder of TRON, was a guest on Bloomberg TV for an exclusive interview. In a discussion dedicated to stablecoins, Sun addresses the recent growth in trueUSD and stablecoin regulation.

Sun started his explanation by discussing trueUSD, which according to Bloomberg reporters, has experienced quite some growth in the past few days. Sun admitted to not taking any shares in trueUSD but has contributed significantly to the stablecoin’s growth.

According to Sun, the limited options in the stablecoin markets may be a factor perpetrating the trueUSD growth, especially with the regulatory crackdown on BUSD and the attacks on USDC, which have made trueUSD a more available stablecoin option.

Tron is building

Additionally, in the interview, the inventor of TRON noted that TRX is working with Circle to use cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized apps (dApps). Furthermore, he was adamant about the SEC’s litigation and the rumors circulating when Binance acquired Huobi Global. 

In his most recent tweet, Hong Kong’s stablecoin will be introduced on TRX soon.

The Tron network has been processing the rise in the market even though there have been disagreements over the previous week, Sun observed. Despite certain circumstances, Sun has set his key performance indicator for 2023, adopting TRX as legal money in five nations. 

To get things started, the Tron community has disseminated a tweet insinuating the possibility that China would support the tender, followed by the BRICS countries adopting the same strategy. 

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