Justin Sun loses bid for Credit Suisse to UBS

UBS Group has successfully acquired the struggling Swiss bank Credit Suisse for a reported $3.2 billion, after Justin Sun attempted to buy the bank. It announced the deal on March 19, stating that the government brokered the acquisition to prevent a financial crisis. 

The deal’s value increased significantly throughout the day, with UBS Group initially offering a mere $1 billion.

Moreover, the Swiss National Bank has agreed to provide UBS Group with $162 billion of liquidity, a substantial increase from the previously announced $54 billion. 

The acquisition comes after Credit Suisse faced numerous scandals and disclosed “material weaknesses” in the bank’s financial reporting controls, leading to a rapid decline in share value.

Justin Sun’s proposal

In a surprising turn of events, Justin Sun, founder of TRON and a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world, proposed a $1.5 billion bid to acquire Credit Suisse on March 19.

Sun tweeted his intentions to integrate the bank into the web 3 world, noting that Switzerland has been one of the most crypto-friendly countries globally.

Sun criticized UBS’s original bid as falling short and expressed his plans to transform Credit Suisse by implementing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency solutions.


However, Sun’s offer was not considered as the UBS group finally acquired Credit Suisse.

The future of crypto-friendly banking

Switzerland’s progressive policies have established the nation as a hub for crypto-friendly financial institutions. 

Sun’s bold proposal to acquire and transform Credit Suisse reflects a growing trend in the financial sector. Traditional institutions must adapt and evolve to accommodate the increasing influence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

While UBS Group’s acquisition of Credit Suisse may not directly integrate crypto solutions as Sun envisioned, it serves as a reminder that the future of finance is rapidly changing. 

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