InQubeta presale is dominating crypto, leaves behind ethereum classic and cosmos

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing an unexpected shift with the launch of InQubeta’s (QUBE) presale. This has caused established players like ethereum classic (ETC) and cosmos (ATOM) to fall behind.

QUBE has gained the interest of investors, crypto enthusiasts, and traders with its features and approach. The presale is shaking up established players and opening up new opportunities in crypto.

This article will delve into InQubeta’s presale progress and analyze how it has transformed the cryptocurrency market, surpassing ethereum classic (ETC) and cosmos (ATOM).

InQubeta: crypto crowdfunding for AI startups with fractional NFT investments

InQubeta’s presale has gained significant attention in the crypto market, attracting investors and artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiasts globally. This crowdfunding platform for AI startups allows fractional investments using deflationary QUBE decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens.

QUBE ERC20 tokens have a deflationary feature that imposes a 2% tax on every purchase and sale, which goes towards a burning wallet. This mechanism is expected to increase the token’s value over time, even making QUBE an attractive investment option for those seeking long-term profitability.

InQubeta is unique in its ability to fractionalize investment opportunities by creating NFTs. This approach allows individuals to invest in AI startups based on their budget, making them accessible to a broader range of investors. At InQubeta, investors can have a one-of-a-kind investment experience by owning portions of AI startup projects through NFTs. This allows them to share in the success of these projects.

InQubeta’s platform helps AI startups secure funding and connect with their community. By offering rewards and NFTs, startups can attract investors and supporters aligned with their goals.

This ecosystem provides essential resources and opportunities for startups and investors to support groundbreaking technologies at an early stage, benefiting both parties.

InQubeta’s QUBE DeFi toke is in demand, with the current presale prices reflecting the excitement around the project. 

The presale is divided into five stages, providing different levels of engagement for participants. The presale is in beta, and investors are buying QUBE tokens, indicating interest and confidence in the project.

Getting involved in the presale is accessible and open to a broader range of people. Those interested can buy QUBE ERC20 tokens using cryptocurrencies such as ethereum (ETH), USDT, and bitcoin (BTC), making the presale available to more people.

InQubeta aims to simplify investment in AI startups. Anyone with a passion for AI technology can easily contribute to the growth and success of these startups through our platform.

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Ethereum classic: committing to decentralization, struggling with scalability 

Ethereum Classic is a blockchain that is open-source and decentralized. It was created after the Ethereum hard fork and is well-known for its dedication to decentralization and immutability. ETC is the blockchain’s native currency.

Despite its potential, Ethereum Classic has faced challenges with limited scalability and network upgrade requirements. As a result, it trails other cryptocurrencies, such as InQubeta, which prioritized scalability solutions from the beginning.

Cosmos: blockchain interoperability, falling back in the market

Cosmos (ATOM) is popular and has an ecosystem that facilitates the interoperability of various blockchains, enabling smooth communication and transfer of assets among them.

While Cosmos offers innovative solutions, it has faced difficulties in effectively communicating its value proposition to investors, leading to setbacks in its market position.


The InQubeta presale has brought a crowdfunding method for AI startups, which has disrupted the crypto market.

InQubeta is revolutionizing how startups raise funds and engage with their community through fractional investing, offering NFTs, and utilizing deflationary QUBE tokens.

The platform’s focus on inclusivity, creating value, and rewarding token holders is drawing attention and could drive AI’s growth.

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