Former US president Trump releases second NFT series

Former US President Donald Trump announced the release of a second set of his NFT collection, Trump Digital Trading Cards.

The 47,000 non-fungible tokens in the collection, minted on the Polygon blockchain, will continue to be sold for their initial $99 price. 

Series 2 has different artwork, rarity characteristics, and valuable features. Buyers of 47 tokens can also book a dinner with Trump at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago. In comparison, buyers who purchase 100 tokens using cryptocurrencies can get dinner and a unique piece of art with a Trump theme.

Trump is depicted in cartoonish fashion on the digital playing cards, including one in which he is seen with a sword and making the heart sign with his hands like the king of hearts from a deck of playing cards. 

The NFTs also feature a rock-and-roll Trump with an entire leather outfit, sunglasses, and a grill covered in American flag pins.

Certain digital cards are unique, while others are produced in sets with a maximum of 10 copies each and are part of limited edition runs.

Following the announcement, the floor price of the first collection on the secondary market OpenSea decreased by over half, going from roughly 0.4 ETH ($840) to 0.2 ETH ($420). 

In December 2022, Trump unveiled his first NFT collection, which quickly sold out. A new report from the U.S. Office of Government Ethics claims that Trump made between $500,000 and $1 million from the collection.

The former president appears to be counting on his fans to stand by him despite the controversy surrounding his NFT collection as he attempts to hold onto his base before the 2024 elections. The move might also indicate that despite legal obstacles, Trump is pressing ahead with his Web3 goals.

It is unknown how much revenue the second collection will bring in, but Trump is probably banking on his devoted supporters to support his cause through this new endeavor. 

The former president also appears unfazed and committed to pursuing his political objectives despite his legal difficulties.

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