FilDA exploited for around $700k on ESC and REI Network

A multi-chain crypto lending protocol called FilDA Finance witnessed a $700,000 exploit on April 23. The hackers used the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) and REI Network to steal the funds.

According to the on-chain data shared in a blog post by FilDA, the hackers bridged ELA tokens, ESC’s native cryptocurrency, to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum, and finally to the popular crypto mixer, Tornado Cash. 

“We became aware of the potential platform exploit in the early hours of this morning and we continue to analyze the on-chain activity by working alongside CEX, security and ecosystem partners to help trace and monitor these addresses.” 

FilDA wrote in a statement.

Moreover, the lending protocol added that the team is already trying to trace the hackers with other security firms as they have “discovered links to IP addresses too.” 

According to data provided by Arkham Intelligence, the hacker has already moved all the funds to different addresses. The exploiter’s address, per the data, currently holds roughly $40 worth of BNB and ETH.

FilDA has also halted ESC and REI Network operations until the current situation regarding the two platforms is solved.

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